Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekly Trading Update

Well it's been quite an interesting week this week because I've been employing a few strategies that I wouldn't normally consider using. Furthermore these additional positions generated more profits than my main 4 hour trading strategy and they were based on nothing more than sound logic and gut instinct.

I did still trade my main 4 hour trading strategy but it's struggled to generate any profits because they were both on the GBP/USD and unfortunately this pair just didn't want to go down. The EMAs crossed downwards on two occasions on the 4 hour chart but I was forced to close both of them out for a loss and ended up around 83 points down in total.

Nevertheless I still made some decent returns trading this pair and indeed the AUD/NZD pair. I've talked about both of these pairs and how they are starting to look weak in my two latest blog posts and have therefore been watching them both very closely this week.

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